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After more than just a generic floorplan? We understand that everyone’s need are different and it’s why we can customise an option to suit you.

From unique blocks, custom designs or special provisions for elderly and disabled living requirements, we will work with you to ensure your new Granny Flat works for you.

With over 35 years’ experience, see why our customers pick us for their construction journey.

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Approval and construction turned around in as little as 16 weeks.

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Receive $4000 worth of upgrades, discounts and cashback!

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With our multi-award winning quality and workmanship.

What are Granny Flats?

  • What are Granny Flats?

    Whether you’re looking to create space for a family member, a friend, or a caretaker; or simply want to generate some additional rental income— building a granny flat could be the cheapest and easiest way to achieve these goals. In this guide, learn the meaning of the term "granny flat" and discover what planning and costs to expect when building one of these units on your property. 

  • What is a Granny Flat?

    Although there's not a universally-accepted definition for a granny flat, a common definition could read like this: A complete home for at least one person, including a place to sleep/live, a kitchen, and sanitation facilities.

    Granny flats come in all sizes. Sometimes, a granny flat might be a simple garage conversion. Other times, it might be a brand new structure detached from the main building, created from scratch.  State and local governments have varying rules and processes, so it is important to understand the regulations in your area.

  • The Benefits of Building a Granny Flat

    These units are also cost-effective, as they don’t require you to purchase additional land or build out major infrastructure.

    Finally, we can’t forget the environmental benefits. These units are typically smaller than traditional single-family homes. This reduced size translates to lower material usage when constructing (smaller physical footprint), and greater efficiency when heating your ADUs. This allows you to use less energy over time. If you’re looking for more sustainable housing options, ADUs are certainly a step in the right direction.

  • Building a Granny Flat is More Achievable Than You Think

    Granny flat construction is booming right now, and for good reason. Homeowners across the country are looking to create additional space or generate rental income by taking advantage of recently-relaxed granny flat regulations. 

    One of the greatest challenges homeowners face when wanting to build a granny flat is figuring out what can be built on their property in the first place, followed by needing to understand the required processes to be successful. 

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Kathy LY
Kathy LY
a month ago

I have used Granny Flats and they are amazing. I am so impressed with how quickly the service team was able to carry out my order, from designing it all up in CAD software through selecting materials for construction! Highly recommend them if you want something special made just right - this time around will be tough without these guys by our sides.

thuy vu
thuy vu
3 months ago

We recently built a granny flat with Granny Flats and we're very satisfied. The design process was easy, the approval time minimal ,and all our concerns were quickly solved! We couldn't be happier about how smoothly this project went - thanks in part to their site supervisor Steven who took care of us like family.

max soloman
max soloman
a year ago

The service was great, the price and quality were perfect for what I needed. Have referred to friends who also loved it!

Stuart Fraser
Stuart Fraser
a month ago

We recently built a granny flat with and had the time of our lives! They offered quality inclusions that were second to none. Steve was taking lead throughout, keeping us informed every step of the way while always making sure we could review when it suited us most - like right now for instance...
A great experience all round; I only wish my old bones wasn't so creaky these days 😉

Elizabeth Escandor
Elizabeth Escandor
a week ago

The director of the company, Steve is a very passionate person and happy with his staff. I can't say enough good things about their workmanship on our granny flat! It was built to high standards in every way imaginable from quality materials used right down to little details such as an easy access front door so we could get up there easily when needed without having any problems unlocking or opening it ourselves because who doesn’t love helping out their family members just a bit too much sometimes even if they're elderly like my own grandmothers were at times before passing away peacefully while still being able strong

Gulay Sarac
Gulay Sarac
1 year ago

So far, the construction of our granny flat has gone to plan and we are very happy with the team at Granny Flats. Steve - one of their foremen was a great help all through making this entire project fun! They work across nations too so if you need any more jobs done overseas I'll be sure call them up next time around
I am really pleased by how smoothly this whole thing went from start-to-finish because honestly nothing could have been better than working alongside such professionals that offered just what i needed when it came down detailing every step in executing my vision without question or hesitation

Muhammad Simanta
Muhammad Simanta
a year ago

Thank you Steve for all the little things homes have done to construct a dream granny flat!! I want you know that even when i do not say so, Im so thankful.You're truly an amazing person! My personal thanks goes out to Dennis who is always happy and willing totake care of us clients- he's been such a tremendous site supervisor throughout this process.. With best wishes from Muhammad & Afroza

Jeanette Ohagan
Jeanette Ohagan
a month ago

The quality work without any hassle or problems. I did not have to worry about the price because it was always reasonable and they were very easy going when we needed help at every stage of building our new house!
I would love working with them again definitely.

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Sydney Granny Flats Done Roght Why Choose Classic Cabins for Building your Granny Flat?

Granny Flats are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, well-designed homes and granny flats. As the leading experts in the industry, we have a highly skilled and qualified team with over 100 years of combined experience spanning three generations.

  • 40 Years Building Sydney Granny Flats

    Since 1979, Granny Flats have been Australia’s choice for reliable granny flat builders. Sydney based, you will find outstanding value for money when you choose us for your granny flat construction. Granny Flats offer relocatable granny flats, temporary housing options, and unmatched advice. Our experts can assist in customising our one, two, or three-bedroom granny flat floor plans in our Melbourne factory to your specifications.

  • Wide Range Of Designs Available

    Our diverse range of floorplans and our ability to custom build sets us apart and gives our clients the advantage. Come and experience the difference. With many amazing designs on display and a team of highly qualified building consultants on hand.

Granny Flat Options

We are the dedicated granny flats builders Sydney siders turn to more often, because we can provide everything from a small backyard retreat, to sturdy, temporary housing units, and you know that the Superior Granny Flats team will always work to find the right unit for your needs and the available space. Our range of relocatable homes give you flexibility and choice, so that we can supply the solutions our customers need.

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Granny Flats FAQ

Typically, a one-bedroom granny flat should cost anywhere between $100,000 – $120,000 which includes site costs, design and approvals, build price and standard inclusions, full turnkey ready to move in.

Granny pods vary in cost but typically range between $40,000 to $125,000, depending upon what's included with the granny pod.

A great way to utilise unused space in your backyard is to build a granny flat — not only will it be able to provide additional living space for you and your relatives, but it can also serve as a steady stream of income if you ever decide to rent it out. Granny flats are easy to build and maintain.

If you own the property or have a mortgage on it, it is very likely that you can indeed build a granny flat in your back garden. Planning permission may be required (see below) but in general, there should be no issue. If you rent your home, you will need to discuss any changes like this with your landlord.

New South Wales – From 60 square metres – 100 square metres. The former is a Complying Development, and the latter must be approved by submitting a Development Application.


Looking into building a granny flat for your home but not sure how to go about the process? Granny Flats specialise in building granny flats, and will work with you through the entire process, from concept to actualisation. Our custom granny flats are created to suit your needs, and are designed to appease your concerns about the cost of building a granny flat.

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